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Distributor Biobase di Indonesia. BIOBASE Group is specialized in products of 8 areas including medical diagnosis, biosafety protection, disinfection and sterilization, water purification system, infant care products, cold chain products, software products, clean room project.

Air Purifier, Air Shower, Air Sterilizer, Auto Chemistry, Analyzer, Auto ELISA Processor, Auto Urine Analyzer, Autoclave, Automatic Glassware Washer, Biological Safety Cabinet, Blister Packing Machine, Capsule Filling Machine, Centrifuge, Clean Booth, Clinical Chemistry Reagents, Coagulation Analyzer, Dispensing Booth, Drying Oven, Electrolyte Analyzer, ELISA Microplate Reader, ELISA Microplate Washer, ESR Analyzer, Filter, Freeze Dryer, Fume Hood, Hematology Analyzer, Ice Maker, Incubator, Laminar Flow Cabinet, Neonate Bilirubin Phototherapy, Other Laboratory Supplies, Pass Box, Pathology Workstation, PCR Cabinet, POCT, Reagent OEM, Refrigerator and Freezer, Water Distiller, Water Purifier

CV. JVM, Jln. Raya Baturraden KM 7 No.17 Sokawera, Rempoah, Baturraden. Purwokerto, Jateng 53151. Telp/ Whatsapp : 0811-261191,